June Wrap-up


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I’ll admit it: June was tough. 

Yes, there were so many good parts of this month. I met so many great people and made some good memories, but I did struggle and am struggling with feeling really down.

Yet, I’m still here, I’m still fighting, and I’m not giving up. :))



Helped out with a men’s conference at my congregation 

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Got to see a friend who has been staying home due to covid

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Celebrated father’s day

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Loving my little buddy

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I also have added Psalm 119 to what I am studying in the Bible using Come Fill Your Cup which you can check out the daily study here

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Well, that’s kind of all I have! 

If you haven’t already, go follow my Instagram if you want to keep up with me on more of a weekly basis than just monthly. :))

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Amicable April

April was slower, but it was full of flowers and sunshine so it was also beautiful.







  • My friend taught a women’s devo on Skype one Saturday and she invited me on even though I’m not from their group.

It was cool to meet some of my sisters in Christ who are in New York, even if it’s only virtually right now (hopefully one day I can travel up there to visit my friend and meet other brethren).


  • People wrote me letters and it honestly made my day.

I had been writing a lot, but I didn’t expect to get any back. They were all so sweet and encouraging. ❤

“Even though you are an introvert, I know you don’t like staying in during this pandemic, either.”

Someone wrote that in their letter and it was so funny and true!

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  • Allergies hit me hard.

I feel like such a nerd stereotype during this season, but allergies!! They’re so bad from this pollen.


I woke up one day with my whole eyes swollen shut and in a lot of pain, I video called my doctor after the second day of it, and she put me on some antibodies which made me feel sick and I had trouble going to sleep more than usual, but it did clear it up and now I’m off of it. :))


Anyways, aside from headaches and slightly red eyelids, I’m back in the game.


  • Read my friend, Brooke’s debut novel, How We Rise, with my cat. 


It was good! I was actually really surprised on how good it was, which sounds bad, but I expected a typical indie book but it was very professional and easy to read.

It left me on such a cliffhanger!! Ahh!!!

A few characters did swear, which I didn’t like and I don’t support that aspect or agree with it.

I say that because I can’t recommend this book in good conscience without saying that first. It wasn’t a lot of language, but I don’t speak that way and I don’t agree with speaking that way or using those words as y’all know from just my euphemism post on this blog.



  • I got Facebook.

I always said I would never get one even if my parents let me have it and no other platforms, but a lot of my friends are on there now and it’s one of the only social media platforms I can have.

If you have one, you can find me, I’ll only be accepting people I trust are who they say they are, so if you’ve never interacted with me on here I’m sorry but I won’t accept. :))


  • I’ve been listening to and watching a lot of sermons.

Thankfully, my congregation is still meeting, but I’ve also been listening and watching a lot more lessons than typical.

These are a few audio and video lessons that I highly recommend and that convicted me this month:



Lessons Learned


  • I need to study my actions and the heart behind them.

Too often I do things without really taking a second to think about why I am doing them, the same goes for my words. This is something I’ve been reflecting and working on this month.

  • I need to consider what I would be caught doing.

One night I was sitting around with a friend and my congregation’s missionary preacher, who made a very good point/reflection.

Daniel was caught praying, what would the world catch us doing if they busted down our door one day? What will Jesus when He comes back?

Ever since that discussion, it’s been something on my mind and in the back of my head when I realize I am being mediocre or a lukewarm Christian.


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Mindful March

I decided to give March the word mindful because being mindful was a lesson taught to me this month.

At the start of this month, I had no idea of the change that was in store for my country and state, it’s weird looking back at how clueless my friends, family, and I were when this virus felt so far away.

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  • I had my senior photos taken, which was weird because the fact that I am now a senior seems a bit unreal.

(Get ready for a slight photo dump..)

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My teacher of  seventeen years and counting (we all know who I am going to call when I move out)

I don’t even look old enough to turn eighteen this December.


  • A lot of plans canceled 

My family was going to go to nationals for my siblings’ basketball teams, but that was canceled due to COVID-19, understandably.

-My co-op is canceled, and I doubt we’ll go back this school year, which for me as a senior means I am never going back.

-I’m off work due to working in an afternoon care program for a co-op.

-A women’s retreat my mom and I were planning on going to was also canceled, as well as other things.

I’m hoping other things are just postponed since I am a senior and a lot of things that are no longer going to happen were going to be my last time, but if not, it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.


Right now, all I can do is pray and stay healthy.


  • On the brighter side, we got chicks!


This one’s named Nugget.

A friend tried to pick up one by the beak because he thinks that can determine if they’re male or female, thankfully, he couldn’t get a grip, so no necks were broken.


  • I took bluebonnets pictures of my siblings because we’re Texan, it’s required


My siblings are all so good looking, it’s unfair.

IMG_0950 (1)IMG_1064IMG_1190IMG_1022IMG_1095IMG_1048


My little brother, Shayne, asked to try to take pictures of me, and although I looked like a crackhead in half of them, he actually did a good job??

the version of me that all of my friends see


What?? Thanks, Shayne, wow.

  • My little brother turned four!

IMG_1302 (1)IMG_1296



He’s my buddy, my obvious favorite (sorry, my six other siblings, but come on. Y’all can’t blame me) and probably my favorite guy to exist.

I remember the day he came, the caseworker sat him down in our living room and went to help my parents with the paperwork. We all gathered around him and stared at this tiny boy with big black eyes, and he stared right back. I tried so hard to not get close to him because we were a foster to adopt family, and we didn’t think he’d stay with us.

He stole all of our hearts and we were so afraid of losing him. Thankfully, instead, we now have him and his three siblings to call our sisters and brothers forever. ❤

IMG_1118“Hey, Grace, do you wanna sit by me and talk about dragons and stuff?”-J.J.,2020




Lessons Learned 


  • My family is pretty awesome.

I already knew that, but being stuck with them all day every day has made me really realize that there’s no other group of crazy weirdos that I’d rather be in this boat with.

Their love for the Lord, especially my mom’s, always inspires me to try harder.


  • I need to be more focused. 

Once again, I am losing focus on what’s really important. Sometimes I think that I focus so much on my relationships with others that I forget about my relationship with God, and that’s obviously not right and is a source of a lot (if not all) of my problems.

I had a dream about getting in a car wreck the other night (I’m actually going to use it in a future blog post), in the dream, I didn’t want to die a mediocre Christian.

That’s really what I’ve been, a mediocre Christian, wallowing in self-pity.

While it’s okay to be sad (which is one of the reasons I share so much on here, to show that), it’s not okay to let it keep you down or from doing the right thing.

Lately, I haven’t spent as much time in prayer as I need to, partly because I’ve never been really good at praying, but I won’t get better if I don’t work on it and being mindful while praying.


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