Consider this the end credit scene where we ride off into the sunset

I have been holding onto this blog like a ghost lingering in their old home.

This is a little bit of a dramatic statement, but it feels true for how I have haunted this corner of the internet. When moved and started school, I planned on trying to continue this blog, but that quickly fell through with my workload. Then, I switched to believing I would revive this place after school. Now, I am less than a year away from graduating, and this space on the internet has become more of an old memory than a dream. Will I come back? I am not sure, but it is doubtful. I miss blogging, but blogging today is not the same as it used to be. So much has changed, and it’s crazy to think that some of you readers watched me grow up in a way. I miss our talks, but I’m proud of us all for growing up.

Two months ago, I got married! For my possible last blog post on here, I have decided to share some photos of this milestone. Everything is changing so fast; I love and miss you all.

Goodbye, old friends; thank y’all for all the support you have shown. If you haven’t already, please find me on Instagram and maybe we can keep up through the next chapters of our lives.

SO Much Love,

Grace Stein

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