Faithful February

Being faithful can be hard, but I continued to fight the good fight this month.




  • I have a new sister in Christ!

Remember the girl I mentioned in my last month’s wrap up? The one I was studying with?
Well, another friend of mine joined the bible study and we were studying on valentines day, after an hour or so of studying and talking, Faith (our study), looked up and said, “I need to be baptized now.” 

We had been talking about salvation and reading stories of how people were saved and how they were baptized immediately after.

The thing that really caught me off guard was when she called her mom (her whole family was attending some sort of seventh-day Adventist’s worship service) and when her mom finally picked up she said, “Mom, I’m getting baptized, are you guys going to be here for it?” 

We could hear her mom’s muffled voice, “When?” 

“Now. As soon as possible.” 

Her whole family left in the middle of their service and made it in time to see her put on Christ in baptism.

Claire, Faith, and me.

I am so happy for our new sister in Christ! Faith has learned so quickly and truly loves the Lord. Her devotion to Him and desire to learn more about the Bible is so encouraging and inspiring.


  • The teen girls in our congregation wanted to do something fun with the younger girls.


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Honestly, they wanted to play basketball more than make crafts. 😛


  • I started going to more college events since I am a senior, everyone has been super nice and it’s been good talking to people who have been where I am not too long ago. :))


  • I’m currently at the Transformed workshop (I believe that’s what it’s called) at the Brown Trail church of Christ, I have never been to that congregation before at the time of writing this, and I am excited for the lessons and the people.

Anyways, I’ll tell y’all about it in the next wrap-up. 😉


Lessons Learned 

I feel like I should change the name of the section to “Lessons Currently in the Process of Being Learned” because I can have such a thick skull and mastering things is tough but anyways…

  • I am not the only one. What I mean by this rather cryptic statement is: no matter what emotion or physical thing I am going through/experiencing, I am not the only one who has gone through it, going through it, or will go through it. I am not the first person to be insecure and I need to remember that, not only to help myself but to help others.
    It’s like in 1 Kings 19,  when Elijah believed he was the only one left who loved and obeyed God and God told him that there were actually seven thousand people, not just him.


  • Always try to reach out. It takes around 60 seconds to ask or text someone in order to ask to get together to know them and usually they want to make friends as well.


  • Always work on being a listener. I miss so many important things when I am rambling instead of just listening. The Bible tells us to encourage one another (1 Thessalonians 5:11), but that’s harder when I don’t listen long enough for my brothers and sisters to tell me what they’re struggling with.


let's chat

Your turn!

How was your month?

What did you learn this month?


16 thoughts on “Faithful February

  1. Hey Grace, I LOVE your new blog! And the pictures?! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! This post and others have impacted me in many great ways and I’m so grateful to have found out about your blog! ❤

    And WOW, another sister in Christ! That's something truly amazing. The angels in heaven are rejoicing!

    ~Brooklyn |

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  2. Aww, those are lovely orange-themed pictures!!! And that’s so amazing about Faith!!! I’m so happy for her. <33 That's so cool that you older girls did something fun with the younger girls-I know they appreciate older kids hanging out with them. And /yes/, the fact that I'm not the only one has been something I'm learning as well. I hope you have a lovely March!!!

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  3. That rose, your dog, and the sunset are so cute!! I loved reading about the lessons you learned, reaching out is something really important that truly helps build new relationships and being a listener is hard yet rewarding. I’m glad to see that you had a great month, and I hope you have an even better March! ❤

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  4. Awww SO GLAD ur friend accepted Jesus, that’s so awesome you got to be a part of that! Sounds like ur February went pretty good, mine went well also! Loved reading about all the lessons you learned! A lesson I learned this month was: don’t procrastinate so much, time flies by incredibly fast and you never get it back so just take the time you get and do something with it.
    Loved this post ❤️

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  5. Okay but that “always try to reach out” point really hit home for me. Because I literally JUST reached out for a connection with some girls I met yesterday and my introvert side immediately screamed BAD IDEA, BAD IDEA, YOU DON’T KNOW THEM WELL AT ALL AND YOU’RE TOO RESERVED, THEY’RE NOT GONNA WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU. But those two sentences you said about reaching out reminded me that even if they don’t reach out back, it’s not a bad thing that I tried.

    Great post!!

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    1. YES SAME HERE ACTUALLY! It’s honestly become a weekly struggle, but that’s good because I have more time to battle it away and grow stronger against it. Trying is the most important, you did your part even if they didn’t do theirs. I hope it went well ❤


  6. Congratulations to Faith for obeying the gospel! SO HAPPY to have a new sister in Christ 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the lessons you’ve learned this month. I look forward to reading next month’s in the near future😁
    I can immediately think of two important lessons I learned this month:
    1) We are capable, through God’s help and the help of His people, to do ANYTHING He commands us! Forgiveness has always been a big struggle for me, but through prayer, this month I was able to completely forgive past wrongs and truly love those involved in them.
    2) There are COUNTLESS evangelism opportunities around us!! Countless souls that need saving, and want to be saved. Just Sunday night we stopped to help a lady who got in a wreck right by us and ended up having a several minute conversation about Church. She left with the local congregation’s website and an invite, and it all happened so naturally!

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    1. Yes! Such a wonderful thing. ❤ Thank you for reading. :)) The lessons you learned are so great and important–especially the evangelism one, I'm glad y'all helped that lady in more ways than one.


  7. I love the new blog. Feels like every time I come back to blogs and this world it’s all changed. You are lovely- you remind myself of my younger self a lot here. It is neat to see. My blog is kind of dated leaving the readers who are slowing down with me too but this blog and space/ heart of yours is beating strong and fast! ❤

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